The Blanco Rodeo Association operates as a public charity for the purpose of preserving and promoting traditional Western livestock and rodeo culture through community educational workshops and camps, public exhibitions, rodeo competitions, maintaining a public arena facility for these activities, and gifting scholarships to students pursuing higher education in related fields.

Our current Board of Directors

Eli Guzman, President      281-468-5107

Kyle Kramer, Vice President     210-416-9764

Debbie Schramm, Secretary     956-498-7633

Amy Arnold, Treasurer     210-240-3290

Mike Arnold      210-286-4875

Felix Bradford      512-289-3256

Stephanie Fortune      830-385-1307

Jodie Fuchs      830-481-0012

Deana Graham      830-832-2704

Russell Graham      210-722-7310

Ben Jones      830-554-0119

Harmony B. Jones     830-554-0015

Ken C. Nicolas      512-585-9919

Royce Penshorn      512-289-3256

Will Rigby      512-801-9142

Lawrence Coffee, Emeritus     830-385-6726

Tom Murrah, Emeritus      210-213-8992

Lynn Maley, Emeritus      210-618-2529

Dennis Moore, Emeritus     210-862-1132