Blanco Rodeo Association

The Blanco Rodeo Association operates now as a 501C3 non-profit for the purpose of preserving and promoting traditional Western livestock and rodeo culture through community educational workshops and camps, public exhibitions, rodeo competitions, maintaining a public arena facility for these activities, and gifting scholarships to students pursuing higher education in related fields.

Blanco Rodeo Association 2020 Board Members

Jodie Fuchs-Gourley, President

Gina Pearce, Vice President

Becky Short, Secretary

Orlando Ibanez, Treasurer

Terri Coffee

Kyle Kramer

Ben Jones 

Stephanie Fortune

Brooksie Mills

Will Rigby

Byrun Mabry

Lyndsey Williams

Jason Pearce

Veronica Harz

Glenn Rust Jr

 Debbie Schramm “D3” Drill Team Rep



Lawrence Coffee * Dennis Moore * Tom Murrah * Lynn Maley



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